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A Spoonful of Butter (A Mary Poppins Parody)

Disclosure: This post and the accompanying video were sponsored by Bulletproof. They didn’t ask me to put on a skirt, sing and film it…that was totally my idea. All opinions and embarrassment my own. Follow Bulletproof on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mary Poppins knew what the Hell she was talking about: a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down the medicine go dow-own the medicine go down. I’m talking literally. When my kids are sick and refuse to swallow their GD medicine, I mix it in with some apple juice (basically sugar water, right?) and they drink it right down. Of course this is after they’ve clawed my face off while fighting my initial attempts to put them on the road to recovery, because I forgot about the whole “spoonful of sugar” trick. If you’re a grownup, you’re probably trying to limit your sugar-intake. Dude, stop being so damn literal! We’re talking about making a thing that totally sucks–but is good for you–more fun; turning a chore into a treat. That being said, I think it’s time to update and UPGRADE this old classic.

Enter Bulletproof Coffee, a Mary Poppins parody and a video of me in drag. Enjoy!

It’s just a fact: butter makes everything better. It somehow even makes coffee better, which is insane because coffee is already a GIFT FROM THE GODS!!!! On other hand, dieting, watching what you eat, being healthy, exercising and adulting in general…SUCKS! But if you can kick start all that with a creamy butter coffee, using the highest quality coffee beans, ghee from grassfed cows and specially formulated Brain Octane Oil, you’ve got your figurative “spoonful of sugar,” as well as your literal “spoonful of butter.” Bulletproof also has a ton of new products, including chocolate bars, lemon squares, and, if you’re not into coffee (weirdo!), tea and hot chocolate. All that and more can be found at their online store. You can read about the science and how-to of Bulletproof on their blog.




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