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Sofia the Worst: An Overly Harsh Review of “Sofia the First”

I hate Sofia the First. HATE!!!! So, this is not going to be an impartial and fair review. This is going to be more of a rant. I’m not trying to change your mind if you like the show. This is the internet, people…I’m just preaching to the choir. So, if you like the show, just go ahead and ignore this post. (Or tell me why I’m an asshole. Your choice.) But if you hate Sofia and you’re not quite sure why or you’re just looking for more reasons to go on hating it, then keep reading (and let me know what I forgot)!

I'm Disney's newest princess! Buy my merch!!!
I’m Sofia, Disney’s newest princess! Good luck avoiding me!!!

Sofia the First is, in some ways, worse than the benchmark for all shitty children’s television. That’s right, I’m talking about Caillou. Whaaaaa!!!???!!! Blasphemy!!!! How is that even possible? Because I was able to get my kids off Caillou, but Sofia is ingrained in my daily existence. “Sofia” is one of my 19 month old’s first words. True story, bro. Getting my daughter to stop watching Caillou was relatively easy. It’s a show about a kid, his sister, and his family. There are lots of shows like that. The Berenstain Bears, Doc McStuffins, Angelina Ballerina, Arthur, and Peppa Pig are a few shows that feature – sometimes animal, sometimes human – children with a sibling and their parents. Pulling Penny away from Caillou wasn’t too tough. What’s he got going for him? He’s a whiny bald-headed Canadian with frumpy parents and lazy artists (color the whole scene, for Christ’s sake!).

Hi. I'm Caillou's dad. Please kill me.
Hi. I’m Caillou’s dad. Please kill me.

As utterly familiar as it is, Sofia the First is, in a sense, “unique.” She is a Disney Princess that is roughly the same age as the children the show is geared towards (instead of the teenage princesses featured in the movies). That alone makes it stand out from the pack. But then Disney threw in every other magical mystical creature and trope from all the kids’ favorite movies and TV shows. I remember the commercial for the TV movie that introduced Sofia. It was something like…Hey kids! Do you like fairies, flying horses, and mermaids? Sofia’s got ’em! How about talking animals, trolls, and sorcerers? Yep, them too! But wait, if you tune in long enough, you’ll see unnecessary cameos from other Disney princesses! Why not? We own the rights! Not convinced yet? Well we were saving the best for last. That’s right kiddies, Sofia the First’s manservant is voiced by none other than Project Runway’s slave-driver-in-residence,Tim Gunn! We made it work, people!

"Sofia, even I, Cinderella, look weird in this 3D animation."
“Sofia, even I, Cinderella, look weird in this stupid 3D animation.”

The obvious throw-everything-at-the-wall marketing strategy made sense. Some of the major plot points just don’t. I’m talking specifically about the goddamned Amulet of Avalor. King Roland didn’t want to give this allegedly powerful charm to his natural daughter, but he gave it to Sofia like three days after she became his stepdaughter. Okay, well that’s kind of screwed up. But the Amulet is bullshit, anyway. There have been 22 episodes plus the movie, and the stupid necklace FINALLY gave Sofia a second power. Now, she can talk to super cute woodland rodents and she can grow a mermaid tail & swim with the fish. (It was probably an unreasonable hope that Cedric the Sorcerer would tie a cement brick around her new mermaid tail and make her “sleep with the fishes.”)

For some reason, Cedric is convinced that if he could get his hands on the Amulet he could take over the kingdom of Enchancia. He himself refers to these inevitably failed attempts as “evil schemes.” A villain recognizing himself as such isn’t that out of the ordinary for Disney. But he is the one who informed Sofia that the Amulet rewards good behavior and punishes bad. I’m guessing the all-knowing Amulet would recognize stealing as bad and would punish him. The thing is, the dude knows magic! He should focus on honing his skills, forget a necklace that allows a little goody-two-shoes to chat with chipmunks and not much else, and depose Roland with some truly potent sorcery! If I were his evil adviser, that’s the evil advice I’d give.

All of this might be forgivable if Sofia weren’t SO ANNOYING. I HATE HATE HATE HER!!! Why for the love of all that is good and holy can she not pronounce Cedric’s name correctly? We know he’s the bad guy, he knows he’s the bad guy, but she doesn’t know he’s the bad guy! (Like the rest of the royal family, she’s not particularly astute.) He has told her a thousand times, it’s pronounced “Sed-rick. Sed-rick!” Yet she continues to call him Mr. SEEEEEE-drick. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be an endearing affectation, but, to me, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. It makes me want to bash her little 3D skull in. (Side note: I hate the animation style. King Roland’s face, in particular, is just weird looking. Though they least they have one up on Caillou, since the entire picture is colored in.)Sofia is just sooooo adorable. And sweet and perfect. She’d just be “sooooo gwateful faw yaw help. Pwetty pwease, Mr. SEEEEE-drick.” She doesn’t really talk like that, but she may as well.

Sofia is almost always right about everything, which is just awesome when I’m trying to convince my own five year old that maybe, sometimes she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. “If you’d only listened, dad,” Sofia admonishes her father in one episode, after she broke a castle rule about exploring troll-filled caves (getting the two of them trapped in the process). I’m not saying she was wrong about making friends with her different looking neighbors. It just bugs me that she’s always right! She’s a kid. She’s still supposed to be learning things from her parents and teachers, but how can she when she knows everything already!?!

Not only is she smarter than her father, she’s ahead of her time in the fight for equality! By showing that girls can be better than boys, Sofia convinced the kingdom that princesses should be allowed to compete in the flying derby. I hated this lesson. If she didn’t win – despite being a novice, riding the slowest horse, and having to overcome the artificial obstacles from a cheating competitor – I doubt girls would ever be allowed to race flying horses in Enchancia! So, if girls want a chance to play with the boys, they have to prove they’re not just as good but better? No matter, long after you forget the idiotic lesson of the episode, the annoyingly catchy tune about gender stereotypes will stay with you…and your impressionable child. In little girl voices “we do princess things” with the boys confirming in voices of rugged, yet in-tune, lumber jacks, “we do princely things!”

Please let her get trampled by the horse. Please let her get trampled by the horse. Please!!!!
The horse is smiling because he’s planning on trampling Sofia after the race.

One of the few times I remember Sofia being in the wrong – albeit briefly – was when she tried to force her friends to act like princesses, instead of themselves, at a slumber party. Of course, this was quickly resolved when Sofia’s equally know-it-all mom pointed out that it was Sofia who wasn’t “acting like a princess.” Predictably, the actual princesses realized they had more fun acting like village girls than being prim and proper prisses. In the end Sofia was really smug about being right, and allowed the princesses to slum it with her friends. Again the thing that sticks out in the episode is the – as always – annoyingly catchy song “Everybody’s Gotta Fit In,” that teaches children the only way to be accepted is to be just like everyone else. If the episodes are going to have a moral, maybe the good folks at Disney should make the stupid song about THAT instead of opposite friggin’ thing!

There are other aspects of the show that piss me off, but I think that’ll do. I don’t rant often. It’s kind of exhausting! Fun, though. Who knows what my next target will be…maybe I’ll branch out and take on some major socio-political issues. Or maybe I’ll just tell you why the eco-system of the Bubble Guppies makes no god damned sense!

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  1. OK, firstly – I have no kids. However, my wife is a nanny, so I’ve seen my fair share of children’s shows and movies.

    This I’ve never heard of (probably because she now nannies twin 7 year old boys instead of twin girls), but it sounds like I should be glad. I could NOT stop reading this rant because it was that funny. I’ll likely never see the show, but should someone decide to put it on anywhere near me, I will know to run thanks to you! LOL

    • admin admin

      Courtney, you are hilarious and I think I love you! Thank you so much for reading (and commenting on) my silly blog even though you don’t have kids. I’m so glad you can still relate and find my shit amusing. I totally dig your blog. Do you have a Facebook page? I looked but couldn’t find anything for Don’t Blink Just Run. I need to hear your random thoughts and keep up with your weight loss & fitness on a daily basis. You’re awesome!

      • w w

        woah, so all a chick has to say is she likes your post and this admin gets a major hard on for them? I mean look at this shitty reply, he doesnt stfu about his love for courtney, “You’re awsome! do you have a facebook? omg your blog so gud, I love you!” what a fucking freak,. I assure you he doesnt have children and is definately not married because any female attention is making him act like a cringey pervert. Easiest website block ive ever made.

        • admin admin

          You’ll be back.

    • anonamist anonamist

      Wow, really? You’re just going to take their word for it without watching the show yourself? Admittedly he has some good points about the show but to just brush something off because of one bad review is kinda silly. If I avoided every show I watch because of bad reviews then I’d have nothing to watch.

  2. You’re most welcome!! 🙂 Your response just made my day!

    The writing is what I care about most on a blog. You could be the most knowledgeable about any subject in the world, but if you’re a boring writer, I won’t read it. You’re highly amusing, which is why I stick around! And even if I don’t have my own kids (yet), I’ve been around plenty, between family, friends or the people that my wife nannies for, so I can still understand to a point.

    I don’t have a Facebook page for my blog yet (I only started writing it in August this year), but have been thinking about it. In the meantime, I just found and liked your Facebook page and you can add my private page if you feel like it – Courtney Crooks is my name.

  3. A friend A friend

    No mention of how UGLY Sofia looks, like an underage beauty pageant contestant? That dress is too revealing for someone her age, and she wears makeup; MAKEUP of all things! Makes me want to hurl.

    • admin admin

      As long as you hate the show, it’s good enough for me.

      • anonymous anonymous

        Ooh, aren’t you bold?

        By the way, would you be interested in hating Sofia’s high-pitched voice. That’s what I hate most about pigs, horses, and cats (but not all of them).

      • sofia sofia


        • keisha keisha

          i like it its amazing

    • anonymous anonymous

      I’ve a better idea: Why not hate her for her scream?


      • anonamist anonamist

        What dress? Her regular dress nearly reaches the floor.

    • A foe A foe

      It sounds like you’re sick. When do you die?

  4. Maybe the show is not a memorable one, but the related online games are so funny!

  5. nesles nesles

    Also, i hate sofias Rosey cheeks. She looks like someone slapped her repeatedly. So distracting!

    • anonymous anonymous

      I’d rahter that she be slapped for screamin’ like the girl she is jsut as I wish the same for her slut of a stepsister, Amber.

    • SG SG

      So uh, as someone who enthusiastically declares Sofia the First as one of my favorite shows, at the age of 25? Who has a playlist with no less than two dozen StF songs on it that I listen to almost daily?


      Like.. why? WHY? Why would they design her that way? Why are they THAT pronounced, why is the color so low on them? It’s neither aesthetically pleasing nor makes much sense?? I find myself staring at them and frowning at least once an episode (and of course I’ve seen every episode, many of them two or three times) going “whyyy??”

      (Y–yes I know this comment was posted over a year ago, but I ended up here by clicking “visit page” rather than “view image” while getting a reference pic from Google so I decided to skim the article and comments and this is THE FIRST TIME I’ve ever seen anyone else bothered by her perpetual blush so. :’3;; Yes, venting was entirely necessary.)


  6. anonymous anonymous

    I’m glad that I’m, not the only one who isn’t fond of Sofia the First. I may not hate it unlike you. But I sure have some problems with it. Some of those problems are high-pitched screams that some of the characters have.

    Take Amber, for example. I hate her guts because of her bitchy attitude and screams. I remember hearing her screamin in a shrill voice. When I heard, I wanted to kill the shit out of her and her voice actress.

    You see? Amber’s an example of why I’m pleased to be unmarried and childless. If she’s my daughter, I’d punish her severly in the blink of an eyer. If I beat the crap outta her, I’d disown her forever.

    As for Sofia, I can’t stand her scream. Why can’t kids’ voices be deep instead of light? Hell, they’re some of the reasons why I don’t want kids.

    Another reason why I refuse to have children is because many o’ them fucked around with me when I was younger. And boy, did I hate it?

    Well, I guess that’s it for my rant.

    • Shelly Shelly

      Um, to the dude with no kids, never wants them, and downright just hates them….why the fuck are you even watching, and apparently looking up, Sofia the First…Your dislike of children is sick and goes far beyond a “rant” about Sofia the First…get some therapy dude, cause you got issues!

      • admin admin


        I couldn’t decide whether to respond to “anonymous,” who sarcastically called me bold (for some unexplained reason), or just put his comments in the Spam folder. There were a couple disturbing aspects of his “rant.” But you are exactly right. Something is wrong with that guy.

    • Dave Fan Dave Fan

      Sofia is voiced by the one and only Ariel Winter, and Amber is voiced by Darcy Rose Byrnes….

  7. Mikayla S. Garcia Mikayla S. Garcia

    Ok say your opinion about what you think of the episode but seriously it’s a kid show and kids learn better when the main kid is the one teaching the lessons. I mean seriously kids here lots from their parents already. And sofia learns a lot from her parents already. Just watch carefully. Like when her mom told her bout trying to change her friends because of Amber in episode 2

  8. T T

    Hate is a strong word. But like you, I really dislike the show Sofia the first. Yes there are resolutions in every show but for the duration of the screentime, it pretty much focuses on all the wrong things. I can not stand how snotty Princess Amber is. I can feel myself squirm inside whenever I watch it. I decided today, no more Sofia the first for my daughter.

    • A foe A foe

      Loathe is stronger. It’s a [tele]play, not a show. You watch a fantasy; you get one. If you want a moral teaching, why don’t you not get it from a cartoon? But stupid parents like you ouht not determine what their children may watch. Children are not your clone or slave. Present their interests; get their reaction; discuss whether they should watch something.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    You’re a stupid, idiotic, overly-hateful jerk and don’t know quality when you see it! >:(

    Listen to Shelly and Mikayla S. Garcia–they’re both absolutely correct.

    T, you should be ashamed of yourself for not letting your daughter watch a show that is actually despite what you and your fellow idiots think! Let her daughter watch it anyway! >:(

    NOBODY is to listen to morons like the writer and the other uninformed commenters! >:(

    • admin admin

      Hey Anonymous. (Shocking you didn’t leave your name.) I’m sorry that I disagree with you about something as important as a children’s television show. Clearly your venom is warranted. If you enjoy Sofia, please continue watching and enjoying it. I let my kids watch Sofia, I just prefer they watch something else when I’m in the room. There are other cartoons that are (in my humble opinion) more entertaining and are (without question) more educational. All the best.

  10. May Abdull May Abdull

    Can't agree more here. And let me add the annoying part where she is NOT ready to be a princesses yet she's enjoying all the luxury that is packed with it!!!! I just HATE her!

    • admin admin

      Haha. May – you are clearly in the middle of it. Luckily – let me go find some wood to knock on – my kids are no longer obsessed with Sofia. They still like her, but it’s more passive now. What I’m trying to say is: it gets better. (Not the show. That will always suck, just the fact that you don’t have to watch it as much.)

      • Sara Sara

        She actually doesn’t… that is what the song is about, not wanting all the jewels and stuff. She sleeps in the tiny window seat with her old doll and a pic she colored of her and her mom, that’s all she wants.

  11. Agree agree agree. No wonder her older sister is such a bitch

    • Bitches and whores are the best.

  12. Sarah C. Sarah C.

    Now I’m really hoping you will do one about the new Peter Rabbit series. I HATE that show, it’s so full of contradictions! Enjoyed your take on things, it gave me a good laugh!

  13. w w

    what does nationality have to do with anything? its typical that an american debases themself by typically focussing on nationality, you americans need to get over your inferior complex, you’ll never be better than the rest of us, ever, we’ve come to terms with it so its about time you stupid yanks do too.

  14. SW SW

    Overly harsh indeed. While many adults do like “Sofia the First”, you should remember that this is a kids show. You might be expecting a bit too much.

    Roland gave Sofia the amulet because she was feeling out of place in her new life, and he wanted her to feel like part of the family. He’s given Amber plenty of things, including jewelry. I’m not sure he even knew about it having power.

    Sofia is a little girl. Do you want the amulet to give her some insane power she is too young for? Letting her talk to the princesses, understand animals, and transform into a mermaid are pretty good powers.

    Cedric might have thought the amulet would only punish bad deeds once it was actually in your possession, thus making doing something bad to get it okay. In 99% of episodes, he tries to get Sofia to hand it over to him through various schemes, since you apparently have to be given it in order to avoid being cursed.

    It should be obvious by now that Cedric is not truly evil, so of course he wouldn’t go around blasting people. That also would not work too well for a kids series. He’d be outed as a villain and then be unusable for the following episodes. It’s also shown that he has skills, but suffers from performance anxiety. It is unlikely he’d be able to carry out something like taking over by force.

    Once you have someone’s name set in your head, it can be hard to change that. I had the same problem, and I was way older than Sofia. It’s like always thinking a word is pronounced a certain way, then one day learning it’s not. If it’s any consolation, since the second season, she’s finally started getting his name right.

    There was never a rule saying girls couldn’t be on the team. And whether you like it or not, there’s a realism there. In things like sports, girls are often underestimated. When your daughter gets older, if she were to try out for a team that has no girls on it, she’d likely be in the same situation. It sucks, but you can’t say it’s inaccurate. A lot of people still look at girls as weaker than boys.

    There have been plenty of instances of Sofia being in the wrong. “Blue Ribbon Bunny” has her abandoning Clover to enter another pet in the contest they were going to enter, because said pet seems more impressive. “Baileywick’s Day Off” has her and the others frequently going to Baileywick for help, even though its his day off, preventing him from hanging out with the brother he rarely gets to see. She even gets cursed from her amulet in an episode due to being a braggart over getting something her friends wanted just as bad.

    • admin admin

      Hey SW! Don’t say I didn’t warn you that the “review” was more of a rant about a show my kids were obsessed with. They’re not that into Sofia these days, so my hatred has subsided to annoyance. I still think my article was pretty funny though. So Sofia gave me that, I guess.

      And, though I have no actual “evidence,” I have taken (and will continue to take) full credit for Sofia all of a sudden pronouncing Cedric’s name correctly. See ya later, SEEEEEE-DRICK! (SW, I hope you stick around for more fun.)

      • Bruce Bruce

        Hi Admin, just a bit of information for thought. In England, and most of the ‘Empire’ or Commonwealth when using English pronounce Cedrick correctly. The Americans however, pronounce the name as Ceedrick, just as they pronounce the name Adolf as Ay-dolf. The pronunciation in this show is from an American actress, and as far as she is concerned, is pronouncing the name correctly, in accordance with the script writers. Just saying. I found this site using Google to find something else, and this came up as well. Google is a weird search engine. Regards, Bruce

        • admin admin


          Glad you found me, no matter how it happened! I’m sure you’re right on the pronunciation, but he tells her repeatedly how he pronounces his own name. Seems like that’s what she should have gone with.

        • Shaapera mnena makepeace Shaapera mnena makepeace

          I totally agree with you. She also makes mistakes and learns her lessons respectively. She is just being her age… Curious! Also getting my kids here to pronounce Dorcas and Evelyn correctly is such a chore since they are Africans and the African intonation interferes a lot with English words and names . They tend to put the stress on the second syllable. But they are getting the hang of it.

          • A foe A foe


        • That’d only work if she (Sofia, not Ariel) rad the name. She knew Latin at least so I’d think the botched vowel is some kind of pun on “seedy”. No, Americans say Adolf as Edolf; y is a consonant, not a modifier!

        • Jane Jane

          I’m American and I never pronounced Cedric the WAY sofia does

      • lizzie lizzie

        oh gosh, i recently watched the first episode of this show and when she went, *gasp* mr. ceedric!” I just cringed and thought, oh gosh, why- man that is so annoying now that i’ve heard her say it right

        • admin admin

          Hahaha!!! I Tweeted Disney once, taking credit for the change. My assertion was neither confirmed nor denied.

          • lizzie lizzie

            I have no idea why I am just now seeing this… anyway! I ended up not finishing it- I couldn’t go through an entire hour or so of that. That’s cool, though.

    • Jane Jane

      Stop defending shows like this with “its just a kids show”. There are so many good kids shows out there that a person of any age can enjoy. If someone started ranting about how Food fight sucked, I doubt you would say “it’s just a kids show”. Everyone has limits.

      • a person a person

        I don’t defend it because its a kid’s show, I actually like it! besides, the things most people complain about is her voice is too high, her dress is too short, her cheeks are too rosy (like with make up or something). if THAT’S why we’re saying its bad, then I could list off a whole bunch of shows and movies that are awful. but I say “Its a kids show” as defense to that because kids don’t CARE how short her dress is or any of that. they focus on the songs and the message of the show, not its animation qualities.

  15. Tayaspirits Tayaspirits

    Hi there~
    20 year old girl here who is just way more into childrens shows than she should be~ I remember seeing this show when it first came out and enjoying the first episodes (im a sucker for disney and princesses what can i say) and just not keeping up with it after that. Found it again recently and gotta say Im in love with it cause its adorable to me at least~ and the songs are catchy. Dunno how i stumbled across this review/rant but I gotta say it was an entertaining read from a parents perspective lol. Cant be fun having to have this show be around constantly for parents. Glad that you pointed out a lot of flaws about the show, especially cedrics lack of logic about using the amulet to take over.

    Might love the show but its fun to see this kind of stuff~

    • admin admin

      Hey Taya! Glad you can enjoy the show and still find the humor in the article. Some folks have taken my rant VERY personally. Luckily for me, my kids are kind of over Sofia (and the idiots who attack me for disliking it only exist on the the internet, living under bridges of course). None of my kids’ new obsessions are pissing me off too much…yet. I’m sure I’ll write about them when they do.

  16. Franki Franki

    This is seriously the funniest blog post I’ve ever read! I laughed so hard! I have an almost 2 year old daughter who loves Sofia, and while I truly don’t mind the show, I stumbled across this article because I was on Google trying to see if anyone else noticed that she can never pronounce Cedric’s name correctly!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets overly tired with a kids show/movie though! People give me grief all the time because I have those feelings of animosity towards Frozen! I hate it!! I love the snowman. I love everything about the snowman but if I have to hear that grumpy B**** Elsa sing “Let it Go” one more time, I might lose my mind. The cold has, and always will, bother me.

    Seriously though, thanks for the laugh!

    • admin admin

      Ha! Thanks, Franki. I probably should have written something about Frozen, too. I wouldn’t even watch the – I’m sure – funny parodies on the internet because I knew the song would be lodged into my brain again. I have to disagree with you about the snowman. “Yeah, why? Yeah, why? Yeah, why?” But I’ll let it slide, because you seem nice (and think I’m funny).

  17. Mom Mom

    Well, I too am someone’s parent. Not a stay-at-home-mom, but a mom that works weird hours and apparently right now has too much time on my hands. I am the mom of a 2-year-old, and one of her first phrases has been, “Princen ‘Fia.” “I want princen ‘fia, I want princen fiaaaaaa!” Luckily, lately she’s become more obsessed with McStuffins. So now it’s “I want doc stuffins. I want doc STUFFINS!”
    Okay, anyway.
    When I first watched Sofia, I have to admit, I didn’t even NOTICE most of the stuff you’re talking about. Maybe I’m just not that perceptive. I did notice, however, that Amber is a little bitch. You can just tell that Amber is going to be one of those mean girls when she gets to high school. You know, one of those bitchy mean girls. “You can’t SIT with us!”
    I think my daughter just likes the bright colors, honestly. Besides the gaping plot holes you mentioned, I can’t really say I hate it. At least the show doesn’t have kids being disrespectful. That happens in a lot of cartoons. That would be one thing that would bother me. Most importantly, it keeps my daughter occupied! I guess I’m a horrible parent for saying that. I probably am. But any show that keeps my kid off of my computer and out of my bathroom so I can take a crap for two minutes in peace is a good show to me!

    • admin admin

      Doc McStuffins > Sofia. My wife and I have been having an argument lately about Doc. I say, that’s her name. She says it’s her (honorary) title. I’m too lazy to Google it right now. Maybe you know the answer.

      Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad is a judgment free zone (except when it comes to not immunizing your kids and other dumb shit that puts other people in danger), so no need to apologize about plopping your kid in front of the TV so you can pl….nope, not gonna finish that sentence. Because I’m a gentleman. Sounds like you’re doing a fine job. Keep up the good work. And stop by whenever you need a laugh.

      • Natasha Natasha

        Btw Doc Mcstuffins real first name is Dottie, they have mentioned in a couple times; like the episode where she goes to the doctors office & nurse Hattie (where she gets the idea for her nurse hippo hallies speech from?) calls her Dottie. Maybe I watch doc too much with my daughter to know this? Lol.

    • Anne Anne

      I agree that Amber is definitely the worst character on this show. They try and pass her off as a reformed character while at the same time acting like she can get away with treating the other kids like dirt. She’s even a complete jerk to her own step-sister who sometimes has to unfairly take the blame for her sister’s cruelty.

  18. carina carina

    I have three girls under the âge of 8 si i hear ya sista. Possibly the WORST kids show EVER I actually cringe when I hear the theme song

    • admin admin

      Things will get better, Carina. Eventually they’ll move on. Hopefully to something less annoying.

      -Amateur Idiot / Professional DAD 😉

  19. hi. my babysitter was watching my 4 year old daughter and she put the show on and my daughter was laughing because she thought it was funny but it was very inappropriate. the moms dress was falling down and you could she her boobs. it was terrible and then the family fighting back and forth. and then of course in one episode they broke the window. then my daughter broke the window. it was redicolous! it was so bad! they should take it off Disney channel. I just cant believe they would let the person do that. its a very bad example.

    • A foe A foe

      Like your spelling.

  20. anonamist anonamist

    Ok I KNOW this is a troll post for sure. There was never any scene where anyone’s dress was falling down and there was never any scene where you could see anyone’s boobs.

    As for the broken window episode, not only was that an accident but they were instantly regretful after it happened. If your child broke a window after watching that episode, maybe it’s not the show that’s the problem.

    • anonamist anonamist

      This was supposed to be a reply to senya.

    • admin admin

      Anonamist – Yeah, this has been the odd post where I’ve gotten trolls coming here to agree with me.

  21. muney muney

    First of all, THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one who hates Sofia. The thing that irk me the most is when Sofia is acting as of she is the REAL born princess. Why the hell that she is sitting next to the king and not the king’s REAL kids?????? Like seriously?!

  22. empress yuanji empress yuanji

    Unlikely another Disney Princesses,Sofia is not a figure of perfect princess.She’s kind,smart,brave,cute,but sometimes selfish(lol).
    I prefer to her step-sister,Princess Amber.Yes,she’s a worst perfectionist.But i appreciate Amber when accepted Sofia as her new sister(part of royal family).In real life,that’s DIFFICULT THING.

  23. empress yuanji empress yuanji

    Some episodes make me mad.
    -Remember in Mother’s Day?.Sofia think James and Amber stole her mom(?!).
    -And in another episode,she was jealous saw Amber so close to her old friends.
    -She’s let Clover be sad because her obsession to a silly blue ribbon.Thanks to Crackle the Hero Dragon.

    zzzzzzzz.sometimes I wanna butt her big head.
    I don’t like Sofia,but i don’t hate Sofia.

  24. DannyD DannyD

    My wife and I have a 1,2, and 4 year old. Basically I’ve seen every kids show there is. I Couldn’t agree more! This show is absolutely horrible and I wish I could program Sophia into grand theft auto so I could hear her views on life then blow her head off. She sucks!

    • A foe A foe

      Hopefully Sophia is your wife.

  25. Natalie Natalie

    I agree with much of what you said, although less swearing would have been nice since you are capable of articulating your thoughts very well. I run a daycare and one of my 2yr olds always wants Sofia first thing in the morning, and after awhile it gets very annoying. I get tired of her always wearing the purple dress. I think every episode now has so much sorcery, and spells it seem like a Disney Hogwarts. It is easy for me to break the sofia spell at my house, since she doesn’t fight when I change the chanel. Kids in daycare are only allowed a short amount of tv time so I think sofia will not be on the list anymore.

    • admin admin

      Natalie – thank you for the kind words. I probably do lean on foul language a little too often, but curse words are just so expressive! And fun!

      Thankfully, my kids have moved on from Sofia. They watch other shows that are annoying, but none that have really gotten under my skin the way Sofia did.

    • Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

      She has a new dress.. from Alakazar… In the Secret of Avalor special.

  26. ozynandias ozynandias

    Where is her actual father? Did he die in the war? Did he abandon Sofia and her mom? They *never* talk about it. Also, how realistic is it that the king is going to choose a widowed/divorcee peasant woman as the next queen? Does she have Special Talents that make up for her being a non politically strategic mate?

    • admin admin

      That’s why it’s a fairy tale, duh! She may have some “special talents.” I’m sure there’s some fan fiction on the internets that might explore that possibility.

    • A foe A foe

      She givs good shoe.

  27. Shanna Shanna

    I am just fascinated with her whole family situation! I like the show, for a kids show. There are way more annoying ones out there. I found this blog because I was searching to discover if Sophia ever finally finds out Mr. Ceeeedric (haha) is a relatively bad guy! Just like Frozen, this show captured my curiosity and I wanted to read about the creativity behind it!

  28. renea renea

    This review really was a lot of in between the lines that I didn’t see or really get but always seemed off. But immediately understood the points you made because I have seen all the episodes mentioned. And oh my gosh you are right. I hated that horse race episode too. I was actually crossing my fingers that she would lose. Like she should have. Though the cheater shouldnt of won either. I have Disney on in the background as noise for me while I do house chores and my 15month old dances and glances up to the TV while I stay busy. Few times I catch myself taking a break and watching it. I find it over the top ridiculous. Yesterday I watched the one where she and her aunt tilly collect apples. Im not a fan of the magic And that’s how I stumbled upon this blog and review. But you are right again with her always being right!! It’s like she learns one lesson every other 4 episodes? My daughter is a huge tinker bell movie lover. I’d rather watch the same tinker movie 5 times on repeat than sofia the first. I haven’t found anything degrading or wrong with tink. The newest movie they released is the only one I don’t care for. They made the never beast too evil looking but that’s the point. Teaching kids things aren’t what they always appear to be. That kind of thing can be dangerous in reality. “Sometimes”
    thanks for the review. It was funny and very honest and blunt. A lot of people get offended with blunt comments or opinions. I didn’t find anything offensive.

    • admin admin

      Thanks for reading and not being offended. All in good fun, I say!

    • A foe A foe

      “shouldnt of”: Stupid breeder.

  29. Chelsea Chelsea

    I LOVED this article! I was actually disappointed when I came to the end. I frakking HATE Sophia too. The “see-drick” shit pisses me off to. I literally googled “why is princess Sophia such a rude little b*tch” and this was like, the third thing down in the results. And unfortunately, it is now my 2 1/2 year old daughter’s favorite shoe at the moment. I would rather go back to My Little Pony FIM. Ugh. Frakking Sophia.

    • admin admin

      Ha! Chelsea, that’s awesome! Although…WTF? What were the two results above mine? 😉 Fortunately, my kids are off Sofia. (My 6 year, formerly obsessed with princesses seems to be kind of over them.) Unfortunately, my son (and to a lesser extent daughter) LOVE the Power Rangers in all their many forms (seriously, it’s never ending and each iteration is worse than the last). Good luck to us both.

  30. Auntie Kim Auntie Kim

    Praise the lord, Hallelujah!!
    I despise that show! My niece comes over all the time and loves to watch it, but holy hell how unrealistic can things get. So I read your post and heres what you forgot: (though I know its a kids show I still can’t get over these things) they have no enemies, hows that possible that every royal family gets along and all their kids go to school together. Oh and I love that nothing bad happens that she can’t get over?! what is that I mean god she’s like never had a bad day. Ha and if this was real royalty she wouldn’t be accepted so easily, that’s crap I don’t even think Amber and James would acknowledge her, I mean she isn’t even a real princess!!! Her mothers just a low born civilian, she’s no where near being a real princess. (It really ticks me off when they say in the opening song that she became a princess over night)

    • admin admin

      Auntie Kim – I don’t mind that they accept her into the family. That’s kind of nice. But, everything else, yeah, I’d rather be tortured by the Bolton Bastard. Hmm…that makes me think someone should stick Sofia and her family into the world of the Game of Thrones. Now, THAT would be entertaining.

  31. Natasha Natasha

    Hi. Your rant & hate for Sofia is pretty funny. Can’t say I hate the show (yet). It’s one of the few shows my daughter (6 months) watches. She will watch Sofia, Doc Mcstuffins, Mickey Mouse clubhouse and team umizoomi. Although I do wish they’d bring back some of the older Disney jr and nick jr TV shows. I can tell you one show I Will NOT let my daughter watch is Lalaloopsy (talk about Nightmares!) thanks for the article!

    • admin admin

      Hey Natasha! I was definitely going more for funny than fair. I think any show that your kids get too into will start to drive you nuts eventually. Right now the only one that make me want to kill myself is the Poweer Rangers. Did you know there are like 37,000 versions and it’s been on the air for 86 years (though, somehow, I’ve seen a handful of episodes a billion times)? I’m not exaggerating. It’s all true! You have no idea.

      • Natasha Natasha

        The power rangers from the 90s wasn’t that bad; I actually grew up watching it! Haven’t seen much of the newer ones so I can’t comment too much on those, haha. Doc is my daughters favorite show; & I will actually sing along to it. One of the shows that I don’t like is sheriff Callie. If it’s on & my daughter is into it, then I won’t change it (just cringe at the singing chipmunks) but if she isn’t paying any attention I change the channel as quickly as possible! I also don’t like Dora the explorer, at all. Will not play Dora for my daughter. & I watched 2 minutes of Lalaloopsy with her; and changed the channel. I have no idea what it’s about but the creepy button eyed dolls is enough to give grown men nightmares -so why is it a kids cartoon?

  32. I’ve not shown my daughter Sofia the First yet, and now I have no wish to. Back to Star Wars and Studio Ghibli…

    • admin admin

      Simon, I have no idea what Studio Ghibli is. I’ve tried to get my kids into the Star Wars cartoon, not interested. They dig superheroes and, unfortunately, the little one loves the Power Rangers. I fucking hate the Power Rangers.

    • Star Wars and Studio Ghibli are quality! Respect Simon! 🙂
      And AIPD, love this post! Am in the process of writing a post which mentions what a sanctimonious smarmy little brat Sofia is, was looking for pictures of her and her freaky dentures/teeth, and found this post. Lots of people agree with you, by the looks of it! Including me. Thanks for the laugh!

      • admin admin

        Thanks Michelle! Lots of people disagree, too. People take their cartoons seriously. Even my Bubble Guppy piece recently got a comment in all-caps and bad grammar, calling me an asshole and telling me to shut up. (I love those responses!)

  33. […] my well-known hatred of Disney’s Sofia the First and the illogical idiocy of the Bubble Guppies, you might assume I have some vendetta against the […]

  34. President awesome President awesome

    The only thing thats bad about the show is the stupid horse the dump father and sofia

    • admin admin

      Sounds like you’re a fan.

  35. Sofia is supposed to be what every women wants for their daughters, a strong-willed, caring, independent Princess, who needs no prince to save her. Sadly, when women/girls finally get a female character they’ve been wanting…. They end up hating the bloody hell out of them and complaining. Sofia isn’t a know it all, she just wants to give everyone a chance. That’s why the amulet picked her. Amber was way too selfish for it and would have cursed herself to death. Also, revealing clothes? Have you seen the kids out in public? They dress like hookers.

  36. Tammy Hailey Tammy Hailey

    Wow.. You must watch Sofia a lot! Bit I agree with everything you said! I’ve only watched about two episodes and I don’t approve of the witch craft and sorcery.

    • A foe A foe

      It’s a cartoon.

  37. Sarah Sarah

    My son is obsessed with Sofia. He watches it whenever he gets the chance making me pretty much having the song and most of the episodes memorized. The only thing I hate about the show is princess Amber. I can’t stand her and feel that she is too bitchy, whiny and snobby in pretty much every episode. Even though she learns lessons in the episodes it still doesn’t matter as her snobbiest never falters. I wish the writers could make her less of a bitch then maybe I’ll enjoy the show more. Sofia seems waayyyy too naive and apparently deaf to most of Sedrick’s rants as he says some of his intentions in her presence. Never understood why she never called him on it. Roland seems too stupid and the twins seem to have accepted Miranda too easily for a stepparent, especially a non-royal. Oh well it is a kid’s show in the end. I do love the disney princesses appearances though.

    • Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

      King Roland spoiled her! Poor Amber and Hildegard.

  38. Olivia Olivia

    well first of all, you’re wrong about several of the facts you posted. Sofia’s dad in fact did NOT knowingly give his daughter the enchanted amulet. He let her pick and item of jewelry in the castle jewel room and that happned to be the one she got. In fact, the only people who know that her amulet is enchanted are Cedric and Sofia herself (also Amber later on in season 2). Also all the apparently ‘bad lessons’ that Sofia learned, could easily be taken in a different way. You say that Sofia trying out for the flying derby team and having to win in saying that girls are better, but in reality, Sofia was given a fair chance in the practice race to prove she had what it takes to join the team, and she happened to win. I took every lesson that you talk about differently, and therefore, your argument relies solely on opinions. Maybe it’s unrealistic, and maybe you find some things annoying, but it’s a show targeted at children. And it happens to be a very good one. The only reason that no one is defending the show is because the 8 year old audience can’t.

    • admin admin

      Hey Olivia,

      Thanks for the feedback. You are, however, wrong on several points. First of all, a bunch of people defended the show. I got called an asshole more than once (in these comments and on Facebook). As to the points you raised: I’m pretty sure that when I wrote the article, the show made it sound like the king specifically gave the amulet to Sofia (then they walked that plot point back in later episodes). But maybe I was mistaken. As to the lessons: I understand the point they were trying to make. My point (if I remember correctly, I wrote this a while ago) was that the “lessons” could easily be (mis)interpreted a different way. Mostly though, I just found Sofia and the show really annoying and wanted to write a humorous rant. I’m pretty sure I gave fair warning that I was not trying to be objective. Luckily, my kids don’t watch the show anymore. If yours do, enjoy!

      • Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

        Which is why we never post our opinions!

  39. Bobbi Bobbi

    My primary problem is the lack of respect for rules,
    And authority that sophia has.
    No ramifications for some of her hijinks that could have ended badly,- what if the trolls had been dangerious?
    An episode= sophia in tears” i messed up” huh?
    ” Yes dear ,you did,you are grounded for a week”
    Something like that would make me forgive the show a lot.
    Her constant secrecy from her parents about her locket,
    And the sense that she is the smartest person in the kingdom grate on my nerves.
    I just hate niece whom i watch 60 hours a week loves her.
    Thank you for letting me rant.

    • admin admin

      I hear ya, Bobbi. I don’t like the kid always knows best thing. What happens when she’s an adult? Do her kids become smarter than her? (Anyway time you want to rant, feel free. I love it!)

  40. Mel Mel

    I’m an adult. I love the show as a kid’s show. It has great lessons. If your kid is stuck watching a show, it should be something like Sophia the first.

    • admin admin

      Obviously I disagree, Mel. I know a lot of people like it, but I just find it unbelievably annoying. Luckily, my kids are over it.

  41. Alissa Alissa

    I just want to know why all the adults have normal sized heads while the children’s heads are twice the size of the adults.

    • admin admin

      That is a fantastic question and well worth looking into. There could be some sort of genetic mutation in Enchancia.

  42. Matt Matt

    I am a 40 year old man, and watch this show with my daughter. I actually find it mildly entertaining.
    I read your rant, and you have many good points, but I think you could probably pump the breaks a little bit. It is after all a cartoon for kids! Please don’t review Gremlins, The Goonies, Back to the Future, Star Wars, or The Terminator as I enjoy these movies, and am aware there are loopholes all over the place. I feel as though you could probably get me turn against those movies if you really let loose with your reviews, and I don’t want that.
    I do realize what you did was in good fun, and I did get a good chuckle.

    • A foe A foe

      Why don’t you watch a dictionary?

  43. Shanna Keaton Shanna Keaton

    Sofia looks like the girl chipmunks from the 90’s animated chipmunk movies. (Love Potion No. 9 chipmunks version is maybe the funniest video ever.)
    My 3 year old daughter loves Sofia and I indulged her for a couple days, but banned it when my 4 year old son was mimicking James saying, “I win, you lose!” That’s just obnoxious. Kids are sponges, I expect Disney to be a little more intentional about the crap they write into their shows.
    Also, why do I want my daughter learning to be a snobby, excluding, judgmental mean girl like Amber? Pretty much every other episode is her being a jerk and Sofia teaching her to be nice. Will she ever learn?

    It has definitely been tough breaking them of this stupid waste of TV space. But we’re back to classics like Little Bear and Curious George. Heaven help the next generation!

    • A foe A foe

      So, Cedric looks like Pinocchio and Sofia looks/sounds like a Rescue Ranger.

      Why don’t you ban your son instead?

      Ambers exist. If she really is one she didn’t copy it but realized it. And she wouldn’t keep it unless she had something to gain.

      kind, not nice (< niais < nescius := not-skilled)

  44. Thomas Thomas

    I hate the show for slightly different reasons than you do. The moment I heard the theme song for the first time I wanted to barf. Sofia has to “figure out how to do it right”? While she attends a “school that’s just for royalty”? And find out what “being royal’s all about”? Sheesh. I know you’re all about the princesses, Disney, but that’s elitist crap even by your standards.

    I can’t say I agree about it being worse than Caillou, though. That show is a neutron bomb of awfulness.

  45. Katie Katie

    I found this while searching for something else related to Sofia and while I don’t mind watching Sofia with my daughter I think this is so funny!

    My husband and I always have lingering questions after every episode, I totally agree with you- wouldn’t Cedric be cursed by the amulet if he stole it? Why are the royal so elitist? They have special schools, sorcerers, and they are the only ones with flying horses, what is that all about?!

    And I totally agree, why are the songs frequently written about the bad behaviors? My three year old constantly sings “bigger is better”. Yep, great message.

    Since your children have moved on from Sofia you probably haven’t had the pleasure of watching any new episodes 😉 but they are creating stranger and stranger mythical characters. The most recent were sealians, deals with human features. WTF?!!!!! Super creepy.

    Did you ever notice though the funny parts I think we’re put in for parents? In the floating palace when Queen Emmaline come to meet Sofia family Old Rolly gazes at her and exclaims “oh my!” To which Miranda responds by glaring at him. Kind of amusing!

    Thanks for the entertaining article!

    • admin admin

      Katie – I haven’t had the pleasure of the seeing the recent episodes. That the lord! My house is all Pokemon all the time now. Please kill me, lord. There’s really just no winning. 😉

    • Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

      Haha I remember seeing that.. and I’m not an adult.

    • Isabella Isabella

      And then they created Jaquins! :/

  46. Jay Jay

    One thing that you didn’t mention that annoys me is ‘Sofia the first’, how is she the first? She isn’t queen, you don’t get a regnal number unless you are the monarch and she isn’t even in line for the throne, the chance of her being queen is minimal, that is unless, like one commentator decided, when King Roland dies, the whole thing turns into Game of Thrones and Sofia disposes of her older brother and sister to take the throne. If you watch the show with this in mind it takes on a much more bearable darker tone about a princess’ scheme to gain popular support for her eventual bloody revolution.

    • admin admin

      Bwahahahaha!!!! This post has gotten a lot of comments, yours is my favorite. Love it!

    • You are thinking about it too hard. Her name is Sofia. The show is called Sofia the First, and it simply stems from the first episode where she shared a cute bonding time joke with Roland (the second).

    • Chloe Chloe

      It clearly states the reason why it’s “Sofia the first” in the first episode.

  47. Stephanie Stephanie

    I agree.i want to blow my brains out.its all my daughter wants to watch and if she was real id want to tell the selfish bitch off.lets see.she doesnt want to share her friends or mom but her siblings do with her.and yes she seems to tell everyone the right thing to do but yet she makes all kinds of mistakes.and her voice.i cant stand her voice.maybe it annoys me cause there are only 2 seasons on netflix and like i said its all she wants to watch and ive tried putting on other shows for her.but i realized there really are no good lessons.even amber is a stuck up bitch.only somewhat decent one is i guess being a selfish bitch is the new lesson in life

    • Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

      It is Ariel Winter…

  48. Ashley Ashley

    This is your blog, and obviously you have ghe right to your own opinion. However, I have to disagree that Sophia is “always right.” Since you dislike it so much, I can assume you wouldn’t often sit through an entire episode. Sophia is wrong almost every episode. That is what the show is about: learning how to learn from mistakes, and how to be more kind to others. I do like that there is now a princess that is actually the same age as the audience, and she was created for kids to relate to. I also love that it features a blended family, which can be confusing and difficult for young children who are going through the same thing. Sophia is also friends with other young princesses of all sorts of nationalities, which is comforting. I’m not sure why people are saying her dress is revealing, because it touches the floor. Sophia has a short, gasping noise when she screams, it isn’t very dramatic. I’ll admit that they pump these episodes out so quickly, that often the animation suffers. But as far as the storyline, intentions, and execution of the show are, I’m pretty satisfied with it. Maybe it will be more than just annoying after you have actual children. Or maybe you don’t fancy the uplifting messages of the show because you are a big grump yourself.

    • Ashley Ashley

      Excuse my mistake, I see you do have children. I confused that with another commenter. That’s the only problem I sew with what I typed, however.

    • admin admin

      Ha! I can be a grump, it’s true. Unfortunately, I had to watch all too many entire episodes of Sofia. You pointed out aspects I appreciated: the blended family and diverse characters, but that’s all I’ll give ya! The rest of the show drove me nuts! Luckily, both of my kids are over it. The only time I think about Sofia anymore is when a comment on this post comes in, so I can’t really go point-for-point with you these days (or even be specific about why I couldn’t stand the show). Again, luckily.

  49. Emma Emma

    I’m 14 and I love Sofia the First (yeah It’s kind of sad, I know), but I respect your opinion. I can recommend that you show your kids an old Disney cartoon called Kim Possible, it’s a great show for children. It focuses on a teenage girl instead of an 8 year old though. I have to admit that the characters are a lot more developed than the characters in Sofia the First. This is just my opinion, you can try it if you want. I introduced Kim Possible to my 6 year old cousin and she said she loved it even more than Sofia the First!


      Not really sad, I’m 16 and watch it. And yes, Kim Possible is an awesome tv show. They still play repeats of it on Disney XD every now and then

    • A foe A foe

      Fake-ass battles like Xena

  50. Boom Boom

    Wowwww so shocked at adults…behaving worst than kids….ur comments are shocking…
    If u dont like it by a radio….n play gospel

    • admin admin



        They said, don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  51. Anne Anne

    I understand that this show isn’t for everyone. The thing about this show is that when it does well it really does well. And when is messes up, it really messes up. The show does have a few annoyances, but I felt that I could easily overlook some of the smaller annoyances and really see the charm of the show.
    I personally kind of like the animation style because it accurately represents the show’s overall style: mainly simple but with a few complexities here and there.
    Sofia may be sugary sweet, but she isn’t perfect. Although I don’t like The Amulet and the Anthem, that episode at least attempted to put Sofia in the wrong for “boasting” about her privileges. In The Littlest Princess, Sofia was shown to have done wrong when she disobeyed her mother by bringing Wee Sprites into the castle.
    The episode “Just One of the Princes,” although not one of my favorite episodes, did a decent job of portraying the message of gender equality in my opinion. The song was made to show that the stereotypes were wrong and outdated and to give Sofia a greater motivation to defy them. Also, Sofia was the character to help even out the stereotypes with the truth. And in one of the later episodes, the show introduces a character named Desmond. He’s a shy boy who enjoys gardening and has difficulty with taking risks. Most boys are portrayed as brave and powerful so Desmond was a nice addition to help bring some more variety to the sum of male characters.
    To really sum up why I like this show, I’ll use one of my favorite episodes as an example. The episode Carol of the Arrow is about Sofia trying to join Carol’s Merry Band by doing good deeds for others. Carol is obviously portrayed as being in the wrong for judging the royal family before getting to know any of the members. However, the audience can understand why she has such judgements because they didn’t stop to help her cousin when he got trapped in a bog. Jane was also seen as being in the wrong for trying to prevent Sofia from getting into the band, but the audience also understands that she was afraid of being replace. The message is simple and to the point; any deed for someone in need is worth doing. It’s also handled very well because most of the deeds that the Merry Band does are small deeds.
    Having said all of these things, I did agree with you in parts. I’m really not fond of Sofia’s amulet because it took such a long time for another power to be granted after Sofia did several other good deeds in the past. I also don’t like how black and white it’s judgement of good and bad is. In the episode Cedric Be Good, Cedric continuously does good deeds only for the purpose of receiving a power. Instead of recognizing his insincerity, it keeps giving him one power after another.
    Amber I would say is the biggest problem that I have with the show. In the episode “The Big Sleep-Over” she isn’t portrayed as the main antagonist for being prejudiced against Sofia’s friends for being “village girls.” Instead, Sofia is seen as the antagonist for asking her friends to behave differently when she was only trying to make her sister happy. And when Sofia explains the situation to her mother, instead of telling her about what Amber said she takes the blame and therefore she’s the one who gets scolded. It is admirable that Sofia wants to stand up for her sister but Amber is so cruel that she doesn’t deserve to get off scot-free. Since Amber isn’t seen as being in the wrong, her song does promote negative stereotypes and delivers a bad message. This is especially problematic since she is most likely going to be the future queen of Enchancia. Not to mention that most of the princesses lived simpler lives before they were royalty. The worst part is that the show tries to show her as a supposedly reformed character when she continues to display such spoiled and cruel behavior. Because of this I can understand why Kind Roland didn’t give her the amulet since she is clearly not responsible enough to handle the power.
    I also kind of wish that they would drop the side plot of Cedric trying to steal Sofia’s Amulet. As a result of it, Cedric doesn’t really have a clear personality. Sometimes he’s this conniving, thieving sorcerer and other times he’s a friend and mentor to Sofia. You can’t display him as a friend to Sofia while having him plot to steal her amulet.
    Another character that I have somewhat of a problem with is Queen Miranda. I don’t hate her and I do think that she is a good mother. She’s very encouraging and supportive of Sofia, she doesn’t let her position get in the way of her relationship with Sofia, and she listens to Sofia’s concerns. However, one thing about her that bothers me a little is that when Sofia does something wrong and admits that it was wrong and that she regrets her mistake, Miranda feels the need to further emphasize that Sofia did something wrong. Also, the one exception to being a good listener was in “Four’s a Crowd.” Instead of taking Sofia’s concerns seriously, she tells her that more having friends makes everybody happier. In reality, people who have smaller groups of friends tend to be closer because they don’t have too many other relationships to worry about.
    Although most of the Disney Princess Cameos felt necessary in my opinion, there are two that I feel were completely unnecessary. Aurora’s cameo not only made little sense, but she was only on screen for a few minutes before fading away. And then there’s Belles’ cameo. I liked her new design and her new voice, but her explanation made little sense. Her explanation was that Prince Adam had to show that he was a good person through his actions in order to break the curse. It was really nothing more than a desperate attempt to try and explain why Belle was even in the episode.
    Overall, I like this show. The premise is simple and the characters and storylines are relatively charming. When the show does well, it really does well. When the show does poor, it really does poor.

    • Anne Anne

      Also, I know that someone else mentioned this but I also really appreciate the diverse cast and the idea of a blended family. Also, there’s one character who’s design I really like. Her name is Princess Zooe and she has short, red hair; glasses, and a small hat instead of a tiara. This isn’t really your typical design for a princess and it further implies Disney’s message that all girls can be princesses.
      However, there are also two other problems that I forgot to mention. One of them is that the show tends to have problems with continuity. Some of the are small, like when Jade gets glasses in “Tale of Two Teams” and we never see her wear them from then on. However, some of them are really glaring and problematic like in “Stormy Lani.” The episode states that Lelani has the power to control the weather with her emotions and that she can cause storms when she loses her temper. The previous episode that she appeared in, “The Emerald Key”, never stated or even implied that she had these powers or had anger management issues.
      Other than that, I really do like this show. I just find it fun to complain about some of the problems.

      • admin admin

        Anne – I feel bad I didn’t respond to your comment(s) sooner. It looks like it took a lot of thought and a some deal of time, and definitely deserves a response. I totally get that some people really dig this show. And I could not be happier that it makes it makes you happy. (I warned everyone at the beginning that this was a biased rant from an annoyed parent.) But if it’s your cup of tea, I say enjoy it! For me, I am thrilled my kids have moved on.

        • Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

          That’s funny.

          • a person a person

            no offense you guys, but if your an adult or even a teenager, and you spend your free time trashing TV shows meant for little kids, then that is just pathetic. Seriously, get a life.

          • admin admin

            Hello “a person,” I assume you’re not “a parent.” We have no lives! Our lives are our children. Unfortunately, sometimes they like some shitty shows and those shows MUST BE TRASHED. Or else we go insane. Now, go hug your mom and dad and thank them for putting up with your crap.

          • a person a person

            You’re right, I’m not a parent. but my neighbor, a mother of FOUR, said the same thing. Plus, she’s got two kids that watch Sofia, and they like it. Me and my friend watch it, and we’re teenagers! If we don’t have a problem with it, you really shouldn’t either.

  52. Ultra Dad Ultra Dad

    That was funny. As a dad that’s also a tronhead, it was up to me glean audio from my little girls Sofia DVDs to save as WAVs to put on the iPod in my truck.
    I hated (still do) frozen and the damned music from it. But my wife and daughter like it so it ended up on the iPod too.
    The music from Sofia isn’t half bad and some of its even catchy. So I don’t dread like I do frozen music.
    Now let me tell you the show that irritated the hell out of. Dirt girl world and its obvious leftist indoctrination.
    In fact I hated it more than sponge bob.
    I’m sure the little girl from which the dirt girl eyes and facial features is an angel but the show sucked it.
    Liked your article. It gave me a chuckle.

    • admin admin

      Ultra Dad – I’ve never heard of Dirt Girl World. But I do love leftist indoctrination. May have to check that one out. 😉

  53. Just Another Dad Just Another Dad

    Hilarious review.

    I told my wife a while back that if I had the ability to put myself in the universe of Sofia the First, the very first thing I would do would be to conquer Enchancia because, let’s face it, what is King Roland going to do about it?

    The second thing I would do, after enjoying the spoils of my conquering, is have Sofia drawn and quartered. She might be a worse character than Michelle Tanner and THAT is saying something.

    • Isabella Isabella

      Then Sofia would do something about it..

  54. Anna Anna

    I don’t like this show simply because Sofia’s village friends continuously fight with her over the smallest things. In the end, it’s always Sofia who has to apologize. Like the football game, they got really angry when Sofia wanted to join her family’s team. They wouldn’t even try and understand her situation. I would always choose my family over my friends and I don’t have to explain that to my friends. That is something that they should understand! However, they gave Sofia a hard time for it till she switched over to their team! Why should she? So her family isn’t important? Why wouldn’t Disney make her friends give in for once? Even during the sleepover, they wouldn’t even try and to be happy, putting Sofia in a spot.
    Her friends have pulled this stunt many times over in this cartoon but she still keeps going back to them again and again. She keeps accommodating to them but they have never tried to reciprocate. Sofia has to keep trying to please them just to have their friendship! Why?? Why oh why??? They do not even try and respect her as a princess.

    • Anne Anne

      Yeah, even though I like the show I agree with that point. It’s mostly Jade who starts the fights and she really seems to have problems with her temper. They could have developed her character by making her the main focus in the anger management episode. However, they decided to focus on Lelani most likely because we haven’t seen her in a long time. She had no previous signs of anger problems or possessing any powers in the previous episode that she appeared in. Like I said in a previous comment, the show seems to have problems with continuity. While we’re on the topic of friends, I used to like Sofia’s friend Vivian until the episode “Bad Little Dragon” aired. Vivian seemed unnecessarily cruel to her pet dragon, Crackle, and believed that the random baby dragon that she brought in was completely innocent simply because he was a baby! I would think that Vivian would try and take a closer look at the situation after hearing all of the other girls jump to conclusions about her. Having said all of this, I still enjoy the show and I really enjoy the majority of the good episodes that have aired in my opinion.

    • Anne Anne

      I forgot to mention one episode that really put Sofia’s village friends in a bad light but for some reason almost everyone likes. It’s called Four’s a Crowd and the episode’s moral is to supposedly teach kids the consequences of Jealousy and that friends will still be your friends even if the make other friends. However, the vibe that I got was that Ruby and Jade were idiots who didn’t get the hint that Sofia was feeling very left out. Even when Sofia opens up to them about how she truly felt they just day that they’ll always be friends rather than apologizing for their carelessness.

  55. Chloe Chloe

    I don’t really get the immense hate for the show.
    I dislike the show as well, it’s not my cup of tea.
    But as a childcare teacher, it is a GREAT show for children. In every single episode, it teaches you something GOOD.
    It teaches you many things that kids really need to know.
    Why would you want your children to NOT watch it? As a teacher, that’s not only extremely selfish, but very childish.

    • Chloe Chloe

      I guess as a parent, you don’t understand what the show actually is and what it teaches.
      It’s not all about the physical appearances, the animation, the design of some of the dresses etc.
      (honestly, looks shouldn’t even matter.)
      It’s about what the show TEACHES.

    • admin admin

      Hey Chloe,

      Thanks for reading, though you do seem quick to judge. At no point did I say I didn’t let my kids watch the show. Even though I hated it, they liked it so of course I let them watch. Am I still selfish and childish? Maybe, but not for the reason you stated. Luckily, they’re over it. As I wrote, I was not a huge fan of the lessons it taught. For example, I believe girls should be able to do whatever boys can, whether or not they can actually win. Why does a girl have to be better just to participate? I’d be hard pressed to think of other examples now, because I haven’t seen the show in so long. I stand by every word I wrote. The show sucks. Nanny nanny boo boo!

  56. Nicole Nicole

    Has anyone mentioned what a bad example this show is for little girls. Not only is she super annoying and whiny but her new “friends” and step sister suck. They are always trying to convince her that she’s wrong or stupid and they are right. They are like tiny Mean Girls. And she goes along with it. ( I know there have been a few cases where she goes against her “friends” but for the most part they suck).
    I fucking hate that show. Thanks for letting me rant.


      yea? and guess what. SHE LEARNS FROM HER MISTAKES DINGUS! Even the others learn from their mistakes and try to make up for it. Maybe pay attention a little more to the show if you’re gonna watch it.

    • Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

      She has peer pressure, that is why! She handles going from a village girl to a princess! She is only… 10? Besides, you haven’t watched the show in so long. The show has inmproved a lot. I have watched every 90th episode, and they are amazing. I am twelve and 11 months, BTW. Please don’t swear at me if you reply!

  57. Team The Elvis Fan Team The Elvis Fan

    Hey umm I want to say something so Amusing.
    I have to love this Show before (When i’m 13 lol how amusing) First time I think Hey look this is lovely girl i love it.

    But you know when time was past And i have grew up

    I continue to watch this show And you know what i’m found. So much CRINGY So much OVERRATED ACTING So Much MAKE NO SENSE. (Thank for my great friend to help me)

    I’m realize on myself Why i’m love it WHY I’m so sooooo Really REALLY Appreciate it. It so cringe for me now
    You know i’m really hate the fact about Wowww Everything Sofia’s done it gonna be Right. No matter that thing it really Screw up. I dunno why Disney continue this shit.

    BTW Right now I’m Really Don’t Care About This Stupid Show It’s Gone From My Mind Now. But When I found this Review. You know i’m so appreciate that.
    This is Make my day. Fold back my old memories when i’m too much be over with this show

    Hahaha How Amusing.

    Well thank you very much to write this Review that it something i want to read How much BAD with this show

    Form A Ex-Fc of “Sofia the First” or maybe it should call “Sofia The Cringe”

    P.S. sorry for my English gramma i don’t well so much
    (I’m not English people)


    Listen here bucko. The older princesses are there to help Sofia whenever there’s a problem she can’t quite figure out. Sofia is an step daughter/sister to the king and his two children, who weren’t very nice to her at first, but it may help some children out there that may have step parents/siblings.

    Why do you even watch it if you hate it so much? You obviously watched a lot of episodes to go on this stupid rant. Maybe you should just stick to watching you’re stupid dumb ass shows rather than ranting about a kids show. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s that simple.


      By the way, you rant about this show so much, have you ever SEEN Teen Titans Go? That show should be shoved in a box mailed a way and then when it gets to the destination, smashed with a hammer. The only good person on the show is Raven.

    • admin admin

      Hey Get-a-life! It’s great that you enjoy the show. To each his or her own, right? Luckily my kids outgrew it, so I don’t have to watch it anymore. There was a time, however, when they were obsessed. I like spending time with them, so I watched it too (even though the show drove me crazy). I was pretty explicit in my intro and title that my opinion was not an objective one. So why did you read the article? You knew you would like it.

  59. *sigh* *sigh*

    Dude really, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it! I like the show, its good! and its songs get stuck in my head. Plus, the ones where Sofia tries to be different are awesome. She is the hero, and i like it that way!

  60. Sarah Lee Sarah Lee

    I like this show (my kids don’t watch X’D). I am totally okay with you not liking it. I hate other shows (Bubble Guppies THE MOST). My daughter watches Caillou and it is completely annoying (the only thing they have in common is that they are both 4 years old). She also likes Frozen (BIGGEST THING I HATE EVER). She is so obsessed with I am so over it. I know how you feel with stupid kiddie shows. Most of them are dumb-ivied, lame, and boring. Shows like Boo Bah or The Teletubbies make would make any kid retarted (mostly kids under 4). Defiantly keep your kids away from shows like that (especially keep an 11-month-old toddler away from that). I suggest shows like Spongebob (top favorite for me!) or ICarly (that’s what’s up!). My sister’s kids don’t even watch a lot of kiddie shows (PG-rated or even the sexually/curse words ones). What a bad

    • none of your buisness none of your buisness

      boohbahs was awesome! that show was literally my childhood. I like icarly, that shows good. spongebob is dumb. teletubbies was….. odd.

    • admin admin

      Sarah Lee – nobody does it like you! You probably get that a lot. Anyway, you should check out my article about the Bubble Guppies. I think you’ll dig it.

    • A foe A foe

      Learn how to spell, retard.

  61. Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

    😱 I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sofía the First! It is the Best! I don’t see why you care about her appearance and voice-who BTW, is Ariel Winter! This is coming from a twelve year and 10 months old person! But I guess I respect your decision. Post one about Elena of Avalor! Also, give your perspective on anything BUT the voice/view. Please don’t swear at me if you reply 😰 I liked the article but I also like the show. I am not too old for STF! Again, please don’t swear. I respect your opinion.

    • admin admin

      Hi “Don’t Swear at Me”. If I made you feel under attack because you like the show, I apologize. If it’s something that makes you happy, watch it. Enjoy it. Love it. And don’t let anyone let you feel like you’re wrong. You’re not. I personally don’t like the show, but that’s just my opinion. I’m entitled to my opinion, like you’re entitled to yours. I’m glad you expressed your feelings here. Keep being passionate about the things you love. It’ll get you far.

      All the Best,

      Amateur Idiot/Professional Dad.

      • Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

        Thanks, bro

  62. Don't Swear At Me Don't Swear At Me

    Wait… Inthought only MOMS watch STF!

  63. Read Comments Read Comments

    Hi, I just read you ur article on one of hose days when O search random things up. I also read the comments. I love how you respect everyone’s opinion! I, personally also hate Sofia The First, as her voice is super high-pitched. The animation style is also very weird! I watched this with my daughter a few times but then right away cancelled my subscription to Disney Junior! My daughter yelled at me a few times to put it back but I told her that it doesn’t work anymore because she watched it too much. Her obsession is such as she wears the toy amulet to school everyday, and even to bed. She even pretends she has powers and lies about it to me. *sigh*. She hasn’t watched Elena of Avalor yet, thankfully. Because I had seen the “Secret of Avalor” trailer, and was like, Oh no! Another one! I totally agree with your review. It is even worse than Caillou!

    • admin admin

      Ha! Glad you found it. I try to be polite; no need to be a dick. Besides if someone wants to come here and be an asshole, it just means more comments for my article. The least I could do is thank them. Good luck with your daughter getting over Sofia. It will happen. And then she’ll like something that’s nearly as bad. It never really ends.

      • Read Comments Read Comments

        I hope so, because this is getting over the limit.

        • Read Comments Read Comments

          Kids these days…

  64. STF Hater STF Hater

    I just read this after my friend (you may know her as the queen of pure language) recommended this. My sister is friends with her sister, and the three of them obsess over it. It is the most annoying thing! Sometimes, they even force me to watch it. I HATE IT! She showed me his and said how respectful you were of other opinions. I totally agree. I also agree that this show is horrible and should be taken down. Also, “Don’t Swear At Me” told me that they are going to have a dreaded season 4! Now I’ll have to put up with my sister and friend for another whole season! As for Caillou, my friend hates the show, but her little sister and her little brother love it! Not me, that is another show that is to be dreaded. Even though they ended the show! Caillou is a horrible example to kids, but Sofia is what First is even worse. The title makes no sense, except that she says the phrase only once. Her voice is high pitched, and annoying. Amber is a selfish brat. (I know all this because they forced me to watch it) Also, there was no magic that existed in any Disney Princess movies, except their own. Sofia The First combines all of them, which makes no sense at all! This show should be banned.

    • STF Hater STF Hater

      Sorry, I posted this twice because I thought it didn’t get posted.:/

    • STF Hater STF Hater

      I’m still waiting for my reply, Dave! Please do. And I thank you for taking the time to do so.

      • admin admin

        Ha! I thought I did reply. I must have erased it because it wasn’t funny or didn’t say anything interesting. I generally try to actually think about my replies, but then sometimes I forget to actually make them. Sorry about that. I’m sorry you’re stuck watching some really terrible shows. But it sounds like you’re a great sister/friend to deal with that kind of B.S. You’ll make a great parent someday!

        • STF Hater STF Hater

          Thanks for replying!😊

          • admin admin

            You’re welcome.

  65. Bigger STF Hater Bigger STF Hater

    I just read this after my friend (you may know her as the queen of pure language) recommended this. My sister is friends with her sister, and the three of them obsess over it. It is the most annoying thing! Sometimes, they even force me to watch it. I HATE IT! She showed me his and said how respectful you were of other opinions. I totally agree. I also agree that this show is horrible and should be taken down. Also, “Don’t Swear At Me” told me that they are going to have a dreaded season 4! Now I’ll have to put up with my sister and friend for another whole season! As for Caillou, my friend hates the show, but her little sister and her little brother love it! Not me, that is another show that is to be dreaded. Even though they ended the show! Caillou is a horrible example to kids, but Sofia is what First is even worse. The title makes no sense, except that she says the phrase only once. Her voice is high pitched, and annoying. Amber is a selfish brat. (I know all this because they forced me to watch it) Also, there was no magic that existed in any Disney Princess movies, except their own. Sofia The First combines all of them, which makes no sense at all! This show should be banned.

    • Bigger STF Hater Bigger STF Hater

      Sorry, I thought it didn’t get posted…

      • a person a person

        Oh, they said that in the first episode that is apparently a movie. she asked her father, Rolland II, why they called him Rolland the second. He told her it was because his father was also called Rolland, making him Rolland the second. So Sofia said, “Then I guess that makes me, Sofia the first!” I don’t really get it either

        • Isabella Isabella

          Yes. Then they never mention it after that!

          • a person a person

            Yea… that was weird

          • lizzie lizzie

            they mentioned it again! it was a while ago, but in the first special mystic isles episode thing, they went back to the “sofia the first” thing cause she was the first human protector. and yea, all the “a person” comments are by me. didn’t wanna give out my name. anyway, i was acting rude. i got frustrated for some reason that i can’t remember 😛 anyway, I’m sorry about that. I don’t know who all reads these things, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

  66. Bloop Bloop

    I just really don’t like the fact that she gets special privileged while the king’s own natural children just sit in the background it’s unrealistic.

    • Hater of Swearing Hater of Swearing


      • Hater of Swearing Hater of Swearing

        Sorry, when I write in all caps my spelling gets very messed up!😬

  67. Gayla Gayla

    King Roland does seem to prefer Sofia. Her over sized head and always right attitude get on my last nerve. Why is she so nosy and ALWAYS in everyone’s business? Plus her moms face when she talks annoys me too. You are not alone and I for one thank you for writing this.

    • Izzy the Trump Hate pr Izzy the Trump Hate pr

      Haha, she thinks she is superior. You should look at the Disney Wiki articles.

  68. Sarah Sarah

    “If the episodes are going to have a moral, maybe the good folks at Disney should make the stupid song about THAT instead of opposite friggin’ thing!”

    YES. Thanks for teaching my daughter that boys and girls need different hobbies and that it’s important to fit in, Sofia.

    • a person a person

      Huh? Sofia didn’t say that. She said she’s going to do what the boys do if that’s what she wants. Remember the flying derby episode?

      • admin admin

        Yeah, “a person” but the super catchy song was all about how boys and girls activities are different. Long after the episode is forgotten, that’s the thing that sticks in your (and your child’s) head.

        • a person a person

          yea, i can’t argue with that… the songs in this show are annoyingly catchy. but they should be able to realize that Sofia was going to be different. plus there’s the Mulan song that says that girls can do anything they want if they try. That song has been drilled so far into my head I will not come out. I could probably tell you the whole song right now.

          • A Creep A Creep

            YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOOOOOOOOOW! Sorry… My sister is trying to memorize the hundreds of songs in this series, half of which me and her have already memorized.

          • a person a person

            lol. no problem, i get it!

    • admin admin

      You get it, Sarah! You’re an it-getter. I’m not sure why Disney isn’t. But don’t worry, because like all stages in life, this too shall pass. Sofia is so far in my rear view I barely know what she looks like anymore. Good luck and god speed!

  69. A Creep A Creep

    I don’t know why, but I think that Dave would be a good singer!

    • admin admin

      Ha! Nope. Comically terrible, actually.

  70. Shianne Shianne

    I know right?! The fact that nothing BAD EVER HAPPENS TO HER is stupid. She thinks she’s a know-it-all, and it absolutely sucks. Besides, why does SHE get all the PERFECT stuff?! I mean, dear god, it’s annoying!

  71. Shianne Gomez Shianne Gomez

    I absolutely hate EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!! The fact that nothing BAD ever happens to her is stupid! She’s always that PERFECT character that makes me sick and makes me want to cut her head off. And you’re right, why didn’t Amber get the amulet? She deserved it more than Sofia did! Her voice makes me want to RIP her vocal cords out! EVEN HER MOM IS BETTER THAN SHE IS!! SOFIA IS SOOOOO DUMB!!!

    • Nicole Nicole

      Lol u do know these shows are for toddlers right? Why would u want something bad to happen to her? Just saying ur kids will be traumatized enough in life as they grow up in this shitty ass world with the shitty ass people in it that want bad things to happen to a cartoon that’s made for toddlers ur comments are funny dont k ow how I found this thread.

  72. Lol we ( my three year old and myself) love it she and I watching it everyday!
    I noticed the “know it all” stuff and it’s unrealistic that an 8 year old would be that smart but I just think it’s so fun and the songs are great too

    • Some miss spelling in my first comment. Typing with thumbs.
      I wanted to add that one thing that bothers be sooooo much is her big ads head! Why is it so much bigger than ambers or james head and even bigger than her mom’s head who’s an adult!

    • Sif hater Sif hater

      Animation is so shitty

  73. Nicole Nicole

    I love sofia.. Watched every episode 5 times already and watching it again. I love that my 2 year old daughter looks just like her. And I love that my 2yr old daughter loves this well rounded show.

  74. Danielle Danielle

    I saw your post about Sofia when I was looking for an episode for my daughter. I couldn’t believe this was done by a male adult. What a loser! You actually took all that time to write about sofia and caliou….wow amazing. SOFIA IS THE BEST and caliou isn’t bad either. The other shows you mentioned are worse than both. Get a a life loser and if you don’t like these shows don’t watch them I feel bad for your kid.

    • admin admin

      Danielle, thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my article on Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family enjoyed the holiday. Since my kids are well over Sofia and know that Caillou is the worst most annoying god damn show on the planet, mine was pretty good. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season! Also, if you love Bubble Guppies, and I hope that you do, you should definitely read my article “Bubble Guppies What the Fucky.” I think you’ll really enjoy it.

  75. lizzie lizzie

    ok maybe i’m too young to get it… Danielle sounded like she was insulting you. was she joking around, or were you being sarcastic there in reply to the comment? you don’t have to explain, just confused. i thought i missed something.

    • admin admin

      Haha! Lizzie, Danielle was definitely trying to insult me. As you get older, you’ll find your own ways to deal with trolls and bullies. Mine is generally sarcasm and humor. You can’t get into an argument with these people; it’s not worth your time. (Unless your goal is just to mess with them…that can be fun, too.)

      • lizzie lizzie

        Messing with people is awesome some days 🙂 I’m slowly figuring that out. Usually I don’t say anything to them though, I just shrug and let it go. Hey, have you heard of PJ masks? there was a christmas special for that today.

  76. Janice Baker Janice Baker

    Please cancel the stupid show Sofia
    The First it is really stupid and parents shouldn’t let there children watch because it will lower their IQ’s plus there are grown men who watch it
    and actually master-bate to the little girls who look like little whores with there faces painted with make-up is that something you want your kids to
    Actually watch I am ashamed of Disney
    Channel to play such ignorance and had it removed from my package

    • Amy Watterson Amy Watterson

      OMG I was just saying that to
      My bestie a few days ago they prance
      Around with there faces painted looking like Ronald McDonald on crack and the reason they make them look like that is for pervert men to play
      With there selves and have urges to rape little girls that’s what happened to that little girl who’s parents painted her face and entered her in a beauty contest next thing you know she’s dead they should really take this trash
      off the disney channel there is no way in hell i’ll ever let my daughter watch this trash

  77. Kiley Kiley

    Im 16 and I loveee Sofia The First, I don’t see why all of you people hate it lmao you probably just have insecurities an want to get them out somewhere xD but I don’t see why y’all sad ass Grown Ups take it out on a little kids Disney show that’s just made me laugh how childish an dumb “grown ups” are

    • lizzie lizzie

      Hey Kiley, I’m sixteen too. and I was annoyed with everyone here when i first read this- but I’m starting to see their point. I like sofia still, but I started getting a little bored of her always being right. its mostly this: there’s a problem. sofia comes up with a solution. other characters ignore her. a lot of stuff goes wrong. sofia tells the character she told them, and they should have listened. character admits she was right and they fix the problem and carry on with life. Its great for little kids, and a few of the episodes are good, but I get why adults (and even kids) might not like it. I recently asked three little kids who the liked better, Sofia, or Vee? ( the vampire girl from Vampirina, in case you don’t know.) all three said Vee.

      • Erica Erica

        I LOVE Vee!!! So much better lessons and she is so much more likeable!!

  78. Erica Erica

    I know this is old but we are newbies to little girl shows (which are way more out there than talking car/monster trucks! Lol). My two year old is Allll about Disney princesses and I found this by googling “I hate Sofia”. It was hilarious and spot on!!!

    • Take that cartoon trash off the air
      Old perverted men watch it to play with there selves fantasizeing about Molesting
      little girls….it’s sick just thinking about it

    • admin admin

      Hey Erica! Doesn’t matter that you’re late to the party. Everyone can hate Sofia! (And it may not seem like it now, but the princess phase will end. At some point.)

  79. Sofia is one of the most worst cartoons ever made she’s not funny at all,i mean did you see the last episode it was terrible you see how it runs around in circles to destroy the magical crystal from the bad guy. i like more the bad guys then Sofia and guess what i like to call her
    “Poopia the sh*t” and that’s why Sofia is the worst character in the universe i will do everything to get this trash out of the planet just so i will not see her ever again because she’s a killer, and that’s my friends i don’t recommend this awful show for any age.

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