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Donald Trump is My President

I’m going to say it, “Donald Trump IS MY PRESIDENT.”

Don’t get me wrong: I think he’s a thin-skinned, self-aggrandizing, sociopath. And, just in case you’re wondering, I also think he’s also a narcissistic con man and a serial liar, with the thought-processing skills of a small child. Listening to him speak makes my brain want to shoot out of my ears just to block the sound. I sure as Hell didn’t vote for the shmuck. I’ve written articles about why he’s a horrible human being who is unfit to lead this country and have literally told him to go the fuck away. I think there’s a pretty decent chance he’ll be impeached well before his term runs out. But–at least for the time being–Donald Trump is my president, your president, our president. Donald J. Trump is THE President of the United States of America.

Yet I still hear my well-meaning progressive friends shout NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!

Yup, that's my daughter and her friend holding a Not My President sign. Someone gave it to them. How could I...protest?
Yup, that’s my daughter and her friend holding a Not My President sign. Someone gave it to them. How could I…protest?

I understand the sentiment, but, to be blunt, it’s bullshit. I’ve heard “not my president” for 16 years, under Bush and Obama. The people calling protesters “snowflakes” who need to “get over it” these days are the same douchebags who called Obama a secret Muslim who was born in Kenya and hellbent on imposing his socialist agenda while taking away our guns! And before that, it was Bush and his hanging chads, elected by a not-so-popular vote of 5 to 4. I obviously think the Constitutional questions of Bush’s first term were more valid than the completely bogus, and yeah often racist, insinuations and accusations leveled against Barack Obama. But that’s besides the point. Because guess what?

Once again, it’s our turn to be pissed!

And, based on everything Trump has said and done, we have real reason to be concerned. But just like Obama was your president, Donald Trump is ours.

So, what’s a snowflake libtard cuck to do?

Do we shut down the government every step of the way like they did? Do we vow to make Trump a one-term president like they did? Or do we turn our anger and our marches into a real movement…I have to admit, also like they did? Perhaps ironically the Left needs to take more lessons from the Tea Partiers than from the Occupiers.

Although I’ve long been interested in politics, my interest has mostly translated into arguing with friends and family members, as well as a few strangers on the internet. It is only with Donald J. Trump as my president that I’ve felt my emotions stir me to action, just as I feel the bile rise up my esophagus every time I actually say the words “President Trump.”

In the last two weeks, my kids went to their first two political protests. In the last two weeks, I went to MY first two political protests.

The first was at the Women’s March in New York City. I know there was initially some confusion and discussion about what exactly the March meant, what it was for or against. For me, it was a show of strength. I know it was only Trump’s second day in office and, some argue, he hadn’t “done anything” yet. But he had. He campaigned on divisiveness and hate, only slowly and tepidly denouncing his most ardently racist supporters. His VP is staunchly anti-LGBTQ and the records of many of his cabinet selections, especially when it comes to civil rights, LGBTQ and women’s issues, are dubious at best and deplorable at worst. Given that he only talks in Tweets and relies on alternative facts, it’s tough to tell if Donald Trump understood the significance of the Women’s March. For those who took part or were just paying attention, the message was pretty clear: do not fuck with us.

Honestly, I don’t think he’s figured it out yet. Trump only hears and sees what benefits him. Everything else is fake or “unfair.” It’s funny, for someone who’s supposed to be so tough, Donnie boy sure does whine a lot about not being treated fairly. What a snowflake!

This is a real thing you can really buy.
This is a real thing you can really buy. Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like that punim. 

The second protest we went to was a direct response to President Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, including refugees from Syria. My family lives in a diverse area and it is important to show our Muslim and immigrant brothers and sisters that we are all one community. And, again, to let our dear president know that we’ve got the numbers and we’re ready, willing and able to act.

I’m not sure how much of all this my kids “get.” But I want them to be involved. I want them to know that we will stand up to bullies. No matter who they are or how many loud supporters they have.

Donald Trump is the president. He holds the highest office in the land. But, like I told my children, he’s not the boss anymore. He works for us now. And if he acts like he’s not OUR president, like he only represents some of us, we let him know…you’re fired. Of course, this isn’t a dumb reality TV show, it’s somehow-even-dumber real life. Sometimes, in real life, you get stuck with a dangerous and incompetent employee, but we have to do our best to keep him in check. Donald Trump is ours. The government is accountable to us and we need to take ownership of it. All of it.

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  1. Thank you for this. You say so much that really mirrors how I’m feeling — especially that all sides have had their time lamenting the chosen candidate. I hate to admit that at some point, we have to just buck up. Ha. But we can buck up and be educated, knowledgeable, and vigilant. Again, thanks for this.

    • admin admin

      You’re welcome, Lydia! I don’t remember where I heard it, but there’s a proverb that fits: you have to accept reality in order to change. Let’s all just accept that Trump is the president and do something about it! Call our representatives, hit the streets, do whatever it takes. But stop whining for Pete’s sake!

  2. Oops. Never trust a man with the surname trump! In manchester , uk it is a posh way to say fart! Anyhow i just do no understand how this guy got into the white house. I remember hating tony blair back in the day but you really cannot hate these people for trying i guess! Lovely blog btw. So refreshing to see daddy bloggers!!

    • admin admin

      Clare – I love having overseas readers and learning new slang, especially when it means the US has literally elected President Posh-Fart. God, I hope that catches on. Glad you like the blog. There are actually a growing group of us dad bloggers, we even have an annual convention called Dad 2.0. I’ll be there next week, pretty excited!

  3. Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump

    The inaugural ball though!🤣 Trump didn’t know how to dance, and the cake was copied! XDXDXDXD

    • admin admin

      Everyone knows *orange men can’t dance!*

  4. […] Penny is only eight years old, but she’s as sensitive as she is smart. She listens when her mother and I talk. And she listens when I listen to talk radio. Sometimes she interjects with a question or comment when I didn’t even realize she was listening. I should have known better. She asks questions and we have a discussion. We’ve been discussing Donald Trump since the primaries. We’ve been to rallies since the election. […]

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