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My Kid Has Guts [Video & Contest]

Our children’s bravery is so outstanding, but so often overlooked. It’s easy to miss because it happens on a nearly daily basis. Kids are constantly being introduced to and trying new activities and concepts, not to mention meeting and making new friends. They get up and sing at their school talent show, loud and proud in front of classmates, family and strangers. They dream of defeating the American Ninja Warrior course, so they keep practicing at the playground monkey bars until they can swing back and forth without falling. They commit tiny acts of grit and guts because that’s who they are and how they learn.

My kids have impressed me so many times, I can barely keep track. When Smarty Pants Vitamins asked me to make a video showing #MyKidHasGuts, the thing that stuck out for me was when they stick up for each other. They’ve both done it countless times. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my video had to be 2 minutes or less, so I was forced to focus on one particular instance. Simon still talks about this bully, whose name may or may not have been Austin. And who almost definitely does not live in Boston, though that’s what we told Simon to put his mind at ease. He still remembers how Penny stepped in to save the day.

Siblings can bicker and fight and drive each other crazy–I know my kids do–but when they need each other, they’re there for each other. That is why I chose to highlight this moment in my children’s life.

I chose to use toys to reenact this scene because trying to get my kids to do anything on command is torture. I think I did a pretty darn good job impersonating them. They disagree.


This post and video were sponsored by Smarty Pants Vitamins. For your chance to win a 5 DAY CAMPING ADVENTURE submit your own video, pic or story showing #MyKidHasGuts.

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