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Category: Parenting & Humor

Dad 2.Oops

When I went away for the weekend, I missed my wife and kids. Really, I did. A lot. It’s just…my phone and text records tell a bit of a different story. The extra embarrassing thing about the lack of communication with my family is that the reason I was gone was…

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Kidding with My Kids

“Penny, don’t tell your father he’s a bad singer,” my wife gently chided our daughter. We try not to say negative things about each other or other people in general. But, as Allie well knows, our family motto is: If you don’t have anything nice to say, at least make it funny. If…

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Pee, Poop and Pokemon

At my parent blogging best, I give voice to the moms and dads who’ve lost their voices yelling at their little a-hole kids. It’s a shared, communal experience, and it’s beautiful thing. Sometimes it’s tough to tell when I’m being sort of earnest, but I at least kind of mean that. Yes, I…

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